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Prepreg or Resin Infusion?

The choice is yours pretty much!! For most applications where structural integrity is not paramount e.g. cosmetic, non-structural components, we recommend Resin Infusion as it’s cheaper and, with modern techniques, possesses near Prepreg strength and durability. Rest assured both our Prepreg and Resin Infusion raw materials are all aerospace quality.

Design & Deliver

We work with you from the outset, whether it is a custom aircraft instrument panel in carbon fibre (we have literally 1000s of panel and instrument templates) or a carbon fibre mirror cover for your car. We have all manufacturing capability in house: 3D Scanning, 3D resin printing, CNC machining, mould making and of course Prepreg and Resin Infused Carbon Fibre production. All at your disposal.



We keep our overheads to a bare minimum with Lean Manufacturing techniques to keep your costs as low as possible. Firm,  transparent, guaranteed quotes for your project from start to finish

Aircraft Instrument Panels

Tailor-made for the Homebuilt and Kit Aircraft Enthusiast

Elevate your aviation experience with precision and innovation by choosing our bespoke aircraft instrument panels. At Dex Composites Ltd, we specialize in designing, manufacturing, and CNC cutting instrument panels tailored specifically for experimental and home-built kit aircraft. Our commitment to excellence shines through in our use of high-quality cored carbon fiber and aluminium materials, ensuring both durability and aesthetics. Whether you're a passionate aviator or a seasoned aircraft builder, our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to crafting instrument panels that meet your unique specifications and elevate your cockpit to new heights of functionality and style. Fly confidently with a custom instrument panel from Dex Composites Ltd– where innovation takes flight.


Got an existing blank panel, or OEM replacement? Not a problem we can supply you with a full-size cutting template.


We’re small, and intend to keep it that way!! This allows us to  be ultra-flexible, responsive, attentive and to provide accurate project completion/delivery times.  No project is too small for us.


Trust is a 2-way thing. We like to build a relationship with our customers and become fully immersed in your project. We will.provide regular updates, answer any queries and won’t rest until you are completely satisfied.


A;ways available, always contactable, always on your side.

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Address: Dex Composites Ltd, The Coach House, Westfield Road, Retford, DN22 7BT

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